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First Presbyterian Dunham Chapel 

Baton Rouge, Louisiana


The Dunham Chapel at First Presbyterian Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana is an A. Hays Town designed chapel space with a very formal aesthetic.


The chandeliers in The Dunham Chapel, that were previously installed, were a critical part of this project for us. Our customer specifically wanted a modern digital lighting solution on stage while also seamlessly incorporating the use of the chapel’s chandeliers. The customer also requested that all lighting fixtures for the modern lighting solution be concealed from the audience’s field of view.

Another challenge at The Dunham Chapel was the protection and preservation of the antique flooring and pews at all stages of our installation.


In order to meet and exceed all the needs of our client, with some very light electrical work we were able to incorporate a Lightronics architectural dimmer system which allowed the chapel’s chandeliers to be incorporated into a DMX controller. TVL3000-II elation lights were also installed in order to dynamically white balance and match the color temperature of the chandeliers.

We also created custom-made lighting mounts to successfully provide discreet positioning for the new modern lighting system while still adequately lighting the space.

Throughout The Dunham Chapel installation we were able to maintain and preserve all antique flooring and pews in the space as well as maintaining the beautiful architectural work of A. Hays Town.




7516 Bluebonnet Blvd PMB281

Baton Rouge LA 70810

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