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Cornerstone Fellowship 

Baker, Louisiana


Cornerstone Fellowship is a church in Baker, Louisiana that Pink Palace Media had the pleasure of revamping the audio layout for. The sanctuary room and its specific wide and shallow shape was challenging for this job. The existing speaker system in the room was improperly and unevenly covering the space causing major dead gaps for the congregation. The main challenge was maintaining Cornerstone’s existing audio system layout while adapting the new speakers to seamlessly integrate with existing control schemes, monitoring systems, and audio systems.


This job called for an exceptionally wide horizontal dispersion from the speaker hang given the shape of the room. The WorxAudio X2 all-in-one line array loudspeaker was the perfect solution for this job. WorxAudio provided a 160 degree horizontal dispersion system that would effectively correct the phase and response problems created from the improper hang and splay of the older speakers. Due to our experience as live engineers, we were able to not only transpose all settings properly, but also walk Cornerstone’s technician through the new details of the system in training sessions.




7516 Bluebonnet Blvd PMB281

Baton Rouge LA 70810

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